Vision and Our Value


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To be a world class plastic packaging company present in high growth markets

Our Value

TPAC aims to become “Your Packaging Partner”.  We are driven by our ambitious corporate value.  Being your packaging partner, we has three elements that define our approach to business and building up our operational excellence, that is:

Client:  To become a successful partner, TPAC’s total solutions provides our customers not only to receive competitive and timely supply, but we are providing a turn-key total value-chain development from design and development, consistent production and delivery performance and “ready-for-processing” concepts that help reducing our customers overhead, excess costs and become more competitive in the marketplace.

Team:  TPAC’s most valuable assets are our human capital.  We introduce team work as well as lean management to incorporate quality, cooperation and discipline into our corporate culture and employee’s way-of-life.  We focus on maintain clean and safety workplace, engaging and developing our co-workers and providing challenge as well as equal opportunity.

Eco-System:  This is the main focus for TPAC in responding to the protecting and improving our eco-system.  We implement environmental management systems and continuously improving environmental performance at all TPAC facilities.  We work closely with our suppliers and customers to minimize impact to our environment throughout the supply-chain and the live cycle of our products.




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